Innovation Strategy

for Agriculture & Food




Prassack Advisors, LLC is an independent consulting and research firm that helps established and emerging agricultural technology innovators deliver solutions that matter for farmers and food producers. 


The Prassack Advisors Team specialize in realizing tangible benefits from using the new Internet of Things [IoT] applications – from software and cloud platforms to smart sensors, devices [Things] and integration services for precision agriculture and food supply chain.


We serve as a hands-on advisory team for senior executives and their R&D, product management, IT, marketing, business development and sales teams.

GrainWorld Conference
Nov. 27 & 28, 2019 | Saskatoon, SK, Canada
Lisa Prassack, President - Speaker
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Lisa Prassack is known for her fresh, unique perspective and dynamic presentations. Her message comes from real life, in the trenches agriculture and food systems experience. 

Prassack Advisors is an independent research and advisory firm providing strategic advice and ongoing intelligence on emerging agriculture and food production technologies.

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