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Dr. Paris is an independent remote-sensing expert with a career focused on precision farming. His efforts span passive microwave in atmospheric and oceanographic to multispectral and radar imagery with satellite platforms: Landsat SPOT, QuickBird, WorldView 2&3 [helped design the 8-band panchromatic system optimized for agriculture and environment mapping], RapidEye, Sentinel 2A and Planet; Manned aircraft systems: GeoVantage, GeoG2, TerrAvion, Mavrx, Farm Cloud, Cornerstone Mapping. Most recently Jack has focused on rapid onboard processing of UAV / UAS multi-spectral imagery called the Remotely Operated Agriculture Mapping (ROAM™) processes. ROAM™ corrects rig-camera imagery with changing shutter speeds, ISO settings, reflectant and shadow adjustment to automatically develops models for co-registration and orthorectification. Major clients include Monsanto and Trimble who use his information processing algorithms to produce global maps for soils, vegetation vigor, leaf chlorophyll concentration and other leaf pigments.