Technology has changed how businesses operate, and it’s had an increasingly profound impact on agriculture, but Lisa Prassack (@LisaPrassack) – innovation expert, data strategy consultant and president of Prassack Advisors – believes data integration is the next frontier. She sees many technology silos, where different formats and platforms limit how data can be shared and utilized, but she believes these limitations will be overcome.




I could see my name being placed on the "do not call that guy again" list as I was ranting.


It was the end of the day on Tuesday this week, and one of my very good contacts from a PR/Marketing firm gave me a call, looking for some perspective on precision ag — and in particular, what’s going on with data.

Well, the subject of data had been the center of my existence for about a month, up to the recent conference on Data Platforms we hosted in Ch...

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Advancing Technology in Weather Data and Forecasting

March 11, 2019

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