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PrecisionAg Media To Host Inaugural Vision Conference In October

Mobile technology, wireless communication, and increasing equipment and software compatibility has catapulted precision agriculture into the consciousness of every segment of agriculture, and created unprecedented interest and investment from outside traditional agriculture circles.

The need to understand the immense complexity and wide-ranging future potential for these technologies to transform agriculture from manufacturer to farmer is the focus of a new event being launched by PrecisionAg® Media this fall. The inaugural PrecisionAg VisionSM Conference, “Accelerating The Promise Of Technology-Driven Agriculture,” will be held October 18-20, 2016 at the Renaissance Glendale Hotel and Spa in Phoenix, AZ.

“The Conference is the result of nearly a year of discussions with high-level managers from all agriculture market segments, and from outside organizations with a stake in the future of technology in agriculture,” explains Paul Schrimpf, Executive Editor of PrecisionAg Media and conference coordinator. “Precision technology will permeate agriculture at all levels, but how it happens, what technologies will emerge, and who will be the players are still very much in play. Creating an understanding of products, technologies, trends, and key players in the precision space will be the focus of a robust three-day agenda.”

Co-chairing the event will be two prominent agriculture experts, Lisa Prassack of Prassack Advisors in Boulder, CO, and Jim Budzynski, Principal at Macrogain Partners in Carmel, IN.

Anticipated attendance will draw from across agriculture, including ag retailers, precision consultants, manufacturers of equipment, seed, fertilizer and crop protection products, equipment dealers, government and Extension, trade associations, and financial and insurance institutions. Investors, venture capital firms and tech organizations that are engaged in or are exploring agriculture will also be in attendance.

Since 2014, PrecisionAg Media has hosted events designed to foster education and discussion about the current challenges and opportunities in the precision agriculture space under the PrecisionAg Innovation SeriesSM brand. More than 1000 attendees with a stake in the future of precision agriculture have attended one or more of these conferences. The PrecisionAg Vision Conference will be an annual event with a focus on longer-term trends and issues in ag technology.

More information, including regular updates, articles, and information about the PrecisionAg Vision Conference, will be featured online at A sign-up for regular event updates delivered via email is also available.

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