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Weather report designed to help choose services, make decisions

The weather data report is designed to help farmers choose the weather services that will work best on a specific farm. | Michael Raine photo

Is there a most-trusted source for weather predictions? Does it matter whether weather predictions are accurate since there is so little you can do about it?

Yes, it does matter, according to Prassack Advisors in Denver, Colorado. It matters because data management has mushroomed from simple record keeping into sophisticated systems that are part of the decision making process.

And weather, even though it can’t control it, is an integral part of the data bundle according to Prassack Advisors.

One problem farmers face is which weather data service to choose. There’s a growing list of weather data services available and that has made it difficult for farmers and retailers in the agricultural industry to know which company to sign with, says Sandy Dales, marketing communications director for Prassack Advisors.

“That’s where we come into the picture,” says Dales, from her office in Guelph, Ont. She says Prassack has just released a report designed to help farmers and others sort through the maze of questions when trying to select the most appropriate weather data consultant. The report is titled The Value of Weather Data for Agronomic Decision Support Systems.

“I think we could loosely call it Weather Data 101. We don’t review or rate all the data providers, because that’s such a changing scene. Instead, it’s like a primer to help a farmer deal with five key factors when shopping for a weather data provider.”

Those five factors are:

  • Ways that weather data improves the decision-making process

  • What information is actionable or non-actionable

  • Evaluate potential weather data service relevant to agriculture

  • Different kinds of weather data and how it’s produced

  • How to incorporate weather data into agronomic plan

“If you’re considering a couple of different technologies, our advisors can even do further research for you, because that’s their specialty. They can give you an objective third party perspective on what will work best for you on your farm.

“What we’re finding is that everyone is at a different stage in learning and incorporating the new information technology. The advisers can tailor their presentations to the specific needs of each client.”

Access to Prassack advisers is only available to clients who have bought and studied the report. It sells for $2,275. (Note this should read $2,295 USD).

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