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Ashu has been working in the Connected Devices & IoT market since 2006. Prior to founding Movinture, he led Product & Business Strategy for the Consumer & Service Provider IoT business for Cisco Systems. 
His initial focus was on Smart Home, and soon diversified into Smart Energy, Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, Connected Transportation, Healthcare, Retail and Industrial IoT. He has built end to end solutions with major customers.  He worked closely with the Cisco M&A group to invest in and acquire IoT Startups. 
Ashu’s experience in IoT spans devices/things, gateways/edge/fog, cloud and analytics. He has deep understanding of the major device and communication protocols involved in IoT. He has represented his companies at major IoT standards bodies and consortiums.  


Ashu Joshi is the Founder & CEO of Movinture. Movinture is an IoT application company that offers IoT Backend as a Service (IBaaS) and a Data Fusion/Integration Platform.
Ashu is an MBA from GSU and has an undergraduate degree in Computer Science from India.



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