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PA Consulting Services

Prassack Advisors (PA) is an independent, strategic management consultancy with a primary focus on the food, feed, fuel and fiber within the agriculture and food production markets.

Our clients get access to deep expertise in the digital agri-food value chain to helping executives find new business opportunities and make better decisions.

PA Market Intelligence

  • Knowledge base of over 3,000 AgTech players with integration partner and user experience insights

  • “Hands on” competitive intelligence, business model success and market adoption trends

  • Early identification and leveraging of non-apparent or evolving market trends

Digital Strategy & Implementation

  • Specify and position of market-ready whole products and roadmaps

  • Retooling of business models or product roadmaps that are no longer achieving expected results

  • Go-to-market strategies and execution plans for business development, channels, direct sales efforts​

  • Leverage digital and analytics technologies to create value by optimizing the supply chain

  • Carbon removal strategies to measure, target and achieve 30% below supplier average to carbon neutral

  • Manage sustainability and ESG (environmental, social and governance) data to align with carbon reporting frameworks

  • Ensure continuity of supply with quality, quantity and sustainability measures for consumer brands

  • Implement data management and sustainability reporting across the agri-consumer supply chain

  • Design build-buy-partner strategies to leverage existing fit for purpose tools to determine areas to exploit for a competitive edge

Digital Farm to Consumer

Value Chain

  • Due diligence on companies, technologies and market approach

  • Acquisition and integration best practice and PMO office services

PA IoT Services

PA Precision Field Trials

PA M&A Services

  • Large format [whole field, orchard, vineyard, barn] ground-truth testing of new product efficacy and performance

  • Reference architecture evaluation; data normalization and standardization and IP design and development

  • Technology integration of sensors, gateways, cloud-enabled software and mobile applications

  • Imagery and GIS analytics and workflow process expertise

  • Ag Retail IT business requirements, technology vetting, sourcing and change management

Some of Our Valued Clients

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