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Prassack Advisors (PA) is an independent, strategic management consultancy with a primary focus on the intersection of big data and the Internet of Things [IoT] within the agriculture [agtech] and food production markets.

PA  Market Intelligence

  • Knowledge base of over 3,000 AgTech players with integration partner and user experience insights

  • “Hands on” competitive intelligence, business model success and market adoption trends

  • Early identification and leveraging of non-apparent or evolving market trends

PA Digital Strategy and Blockchain

  • Specify and position of market-ready whole products and roadmaps

  • Retooling of business models or product roadmaps that are no longer achieving expected results

  • Go-to-market strategies and execution plans for business development, channels, direct sales efforts​

PA IoT Services​

  • Technology integration of sensors, gateways, cloud-enabled software and mobile applications

  • Imagery and GIS analytics and workflow process expertise

  • Ag Retail IT business requirements, technology vetting, sourcing and change management

PA Precision Field Trial Labs

  • Large format [whole field, orchard, vineyard, barn] ground-truth testing of new product efficacy and performance

  • Reference architecture evaluation; data normalization and standardization and IP design and development

PA  M&A Services​
  • Due diligence on companies, technologies and market approach

  • Acquisition and integration best practice and PMO office services


Our clients get access to deep expertise in digital farming and food systems from ongoing market intelligence and technology scouting to helping executives find new business opportunities and make better decisions