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Prassack Advisors provide a level of business maturity, insight, and breadth of experience missing in many organizations. Our primary focus is not only the creation of realistic, resilient business models which aggressively avoid single-point-of-failure product or market targeting strategies, but also straightforward execution strategies which can be achieved with significantly less financing than might otherwise be required.

  independent agtech consulting  agriculture technology digital transformation 

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Lisa Prassack
Agri Food Innovation Expert and Data Strategy Consultant

CEO and Founder
Ted Bissell
Digital Strategy, Block Chain, FinTech
Jim Pollock
Ag Technology, Scientific Visualization, Instrumentation
Ashu Joshi
Connected Devices & IoT
Greg Schneider
Product Strategy and Marketing
Julie Parker
Geospatial Data Expert
Jack Paris
Imagery Analytics Expert
Allan Snell
Geospatial Market Expert
Maureen Weber
Joint Ventures, PMO
Mark Hoekstra
CTO - Analytics and Telematics
Harvey Gates, PhD
Christine Mielnicki
Mining, Hydrology, Forestry
James Barry
CTO - Block Chain
Sandy Dales
Education & Outreach, Agriculture Marketing, Social Media
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