With over 20 years in emerging technology, and most importantly, real-life, in-the-trenches agriculture and business experience, Lisa Prassack brings expertise translating customer needs into big data applications for informed decisions.  She is passionate about collaboration and partnership to solve industry challenges with high value solutions. She also leverages her experience working in tandem with other innovative industries including: healthcare, energy, smart buildings, IT, retail, telecommunications, transportation, oil & gas, aerospace and agriculture. She previously worked as the PMO for Agrium’s acquisition of Viterra and as Trimble Agriculture’s Strategic Marketing Director, where she was responsible for precision farming strategy, planning, M&A and global strategic partnerships with companies including John Deere, Dow Agrosciences, BASF, Land O’ Lakes, CHS, AGCO, Monsanto-Climate and DuPont Pioneer.  

A highly popular speaker on innovation and technology in agriculture [agtech], Lisa has presented at conferences and events around the globe. View recent and upcoming events here.

Lisa is the co-chair and advisor to the popular PrecisionAg® VISION Conference and the PrecisionAg® Innovation Series events organized by the Meister Media Group.



Lisa Prassack, President

Agri Food Innovation Expert and Data Strategy Consultant 

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