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A highly decorated US Air Force fighter pilot with demonstrated mission expertise, during his service Matt was often singled out for his ability to pass on his knowledge, skill, and even mindset to others.


Following his Air Force career, Matt has applied his unique skill set to leadership and instructional roles for a Global Airline. For three decades, utilizing his strong communication and presentation skills, Matt has developed top performing teams that have helped propel the airline's strategic goals forward. He excels at working to transform previously ineffective enterprises & individuals into dynamic teams & individuals who embrace and effectively overcome challenges. Matt has not only taught thousands of pilots how to exploit very complex machines to their maximum extent, but he is virtually unique within the company in being selected to indoctrinate the airline’s current leaders, its Captains, and its future leaders, its new hire pilots, into a comprehensive culture of shared mission, effective leadership, and conflict resolution.


Leadership is not a title, great charisma, or a sharp outfit. Through Matt's passion and ability to connect with his audience on an intimate, intense, and individual level, he is eager to share that there’s a different story to understanding this elusive quality.

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