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Ag consultant says farmers view data as “another tool”

A technology consultant says the tech industry is working to make data more functional and usable for farmers.

Lisa Prassack, president of Prassack Advisors, moderated a forum called Innovation in Agriculture at the recent Oilseed and Grain Trade Summit in Minneapolis.

She says farmers have access to a lot of data that needs to be stitched together.

“The idea is having data about farms in a region or climate zone, (by) crop type or farming type. Then being able to do comparisons or benchmarking to understand what processes are more successful, so that all farms do better.”

She tells Brownfield some of the most sophisticated controls are now offering operators a yes or no decision.

Prassack plans to ride along with farmer clients in the field this fall, and points out a challenge she’s come across in the past.

“When you’re harvesting or when you’re planting even more so, you don’t have time to review all this data on a screen. You need it to tell you: descriptive-here is what’s going on (and) prescriptive-here is what we might recommend.”

She says farmers and agronomists know a lot about what’s happening on the farm, and the information should lead to smarter decisions.

Click here to Listen to the Lisa Prassack Interview

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