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2016 PrecisionAg Innovation Series Meeting Slated For St. Louis

“Agriculture And Data: Finding What Works” is the latest installment in the PrecisionAg Innovation Series, to be held January 26, 2016 at the Marriott St. Louis Airport in St. Louis, MO, and organized again by PrecisionAg magazine.

The January event follows up a successful PrecisionAg Innovation Series event in August 2015 which focused on understanding the myriad data platforms, applications, and offerings available in the marketplace. More than 300 stakeholders inside and outside of agriculture attended the conference, which was held at the I Hotel and Conference Center in Champaign, IL.

“In our post-event survey, attendees expressed their desire to hear more from growers and consultants about the opportunities and challenges being faced ‘on the ground’ for collecting and managing data, as well as implementing data strategies,” said Paul Schrimpf,

Executive Editor of PrecisionAg magazine and the Agribusiness Group at Meister Media Worldwide. “The speakers and panelists featured at this event will delve deep into these issues and paint a picture of what’s working, and what needs to happen for future growth to occur.”

Session time also will be devoted to demonstrating existing and potential data value beyond efficiency and productivity, including sustainability, regulatory compliance, and upstream relationships with food processors.

Co-moderating the event with Schrimpf will be Lisa Prassack, innovation expert and data strategy consultant at Prassack Advisors, Boulder, CO. She will also provide a comprehensive look at the players, partners, and strategies in play for agriculture in her presentation, “The State of Data.”

“We anticipate that this will be a spirited and productive discussion that helps move the industry forward,” says Schrimpf.

For a preliminary agenda and registration information visit

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