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Top 10 Reasons to Register For The PrecisionAg Vision Conference October 18-20 | Phoenix, AZ

Over the last two years I have heard from the C-suite in agriculture, food, and investment that they seek to “Accelerate The Promise of Technology-Driven Ag and Food Production.” They requested we bring together global industry leaders––from both inside and outside of agriculture––to engage in the best-practice conversations that are a necessary exercise on road to innovation. This event is the beginning of this journey, and why I have been working as a special advisor with the team at PrecisionAg Media and Meister Media Worldwide on the inaugural PrecisionAg® Vision Conference. So why am I excited to be in Phoenix next week? Here are 10 highlights and insights I submit for your consideration.

  1. Cybersecurity. Worried? Scared? Listen to Dale Meyerrose’s every word to arm your organization against risk. As the former CIO of the Defense Intelligence Agency and now a recognized global speaker, he will educate us on how to respond to The Cybersecurity Threat in Agriculture.

  2. Crowdsourcing. Hear how Joe Byrum is tapping the best global brains through Smart Crowdsourcing of analytics and intelligence to solve the big challenges in agriculture and food.

  3. Internet of Things. A roundup from the farm, GE, and John Deere to learn what it means to really DO this thing called Bringing IoT to the Farm.

  4. Agriculture. Have you seen Ken Zuckerberg on video? Ken has a pragmatic, informed narrative on key adoption drivers and the criticality of collaborative innovation.

  5. Oil and Gas. How 80+ global companies, leveraging more than 40 data sources, turned GIS imagery into profits.

  6. Miniature Sensors. Sensor geeks, unite! See this “A Day in the Life” infographic to learn how new sensors are enabling IoT and networks to change our world – for the better.

  7. Big Data. Bill Schmarzo will make you an expert with The Big Data MBA. Impress your friends over cocktails!

  8. Food. Get x-ray vision through continuity of supply-chain data drivers and analytics to develop food systems that are FIT for the Future of Food. Looking forward to hearing from the companies leading the charge.

  9. Investing. Can we focus on farm and food supply-chain needs? (Dirty boots!) Are we connecting the whole value delivery chain? Please?

  10. Global.Take a world tour to Australia, Brazil, and Russia to hear what’s different and how they are solving it with data.

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